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With 120 million Americans missing at least one tooth and nearly 20% of adults over the age of 65 missing all of their teeth, a lost tooth is not an uncommon problem in today’s world. The question is—who will you trust when faced with this difficult and embarrassing issue?

Keep in mind that only 2% of US dentists have been trained in prosthodontics—the unique branch of dentistry that specializes solely on tooth replacements and advanced restorative dentistry. Why not take your smile to the experts?

Compassionate and Skilled Board-Certified Prosthodontist and Maxillofacial Prosthodontist

Our highly skilled doctor is truly accomplished and continuously improves her education and skills. Dr. Andrea Jordan maintains current competence through ongoing continuing education, accomplished through national meetings, seminars, lectures, and self-study. The Prosthodontics specialty requires 3 years of residency post 4-year DDS degree. Board-Certified Prosthodontists also complete a 4-part exam that only a select few—like Dr. Jordan—are able to complete in 2 years. Dr. Jordan (one of just 2000 in the United States) went on to complete a 1-year fellowship after her 3-year residency to become a Maxillofacial Prosthodontist.

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Extensive Experience and Education

As one of the few board-certified prosthodontists in the country, Dr. Jordan makes it her mission to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to latest techniques and new technologies—treatments integrated with literature-based, tried and true, prosthodontics methods so that she can consistently provide excellent care for her patients. With years of advanced training under her belt, Dr. Jordan provides continuing education to dentists in the area in the form of lectures, lunch-and-learns, and seminars held in our state-of-the-art facility. Doctors seeking to provide the highest level of comprehensive dental and prosthodontic care come to Dr. Jordan for training.

Advanced Technology and Technique

Andrea Jordan, DDS, Inc. has the very latest equipment and techniques for dental implant and bone grafting procedures. To provide you with high-quality care, Dr. Jordan uses 3D imaging with Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) to develop digital diagnosis and treatment plans for each of our patients. We use 3D printing and digital modeling which allows us to ensure precise and accurate implant planning and placement. This allows for ideal esthetic results and functional smiles in even the most challenging patient care situations. Without a doubt, our use of cutting-edge digital-based technologies places us in a league of our own.

Comfort and Convenience

We offer unparalleled, quality dental treatment in our comfortable, modern setting and believe our patients deserve only the most personalized, safest, and gentlest care. Our highly experienced and friendly team has one goal in mind: to provide you with excellent dental care that will restore your smile to full health. We welcome you to our brand new office space that includes:

  • Hospital grade, above standard sterilizing equipment.
  • Private rooms furnished with pristine furnishings and appliances.
  • A waiting area with a workspace, charging stations, and free WiFi.
  • A self-service hospitality station that offers a fully stocked coffee bar.
  • A private consultation space separate from the treatment area.
  • A state-of-the-art verification system for insurance/appointment confirmation and scheduling.

Often referred to as the “architect” of dental treatment planning, a prosthodontist often work closely with general dentists, collaborating to ensure the complete management of your condition. Dr. Jordan and our highly trained staff are dedicated to providing outstanding care, from your first consultation to your final visit with us. We look forward to using our expertise and the insight of your general dentist to restore your smile and send you out into the world with the confidence you deserve!

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Experience a new level of dentistry coupled with exceptional service and personalized care.

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